9th Wonder’s De Blog Jam (Video)

9th Wonder Is Back! Ok so I wanted to do this dope feature on SoundOff called “Studio Rats” which would include hand selected artists, radio personalities, DJ’s and producers in their elements grinding out whatever it is they do in a studio setting. However, StudioRats.Com already has the rights to the name so I’m forced to go back to the drawing board.

Furthermore, 9th and his folks already titled these videos “De Blog Jam” so it wouldn’t make sense for me to alter what he’s already started. But have no fear because it’s a win-win situation. In the coming weeks the “My Sessions” franchise will begin and 9th’s, “De Blog Jam” will continue to live exclusively on these walls. And MAKE sure you check for the next episode because David Banner will be making a DOPE cameo. – LowKey


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