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MVPuppets: “We’re Back”


Play of the Day: Earl (J.R.) Smith III

Kobe – Outer Space (prod. Komplex) [Snippet]

Here’s a video we made with snippets of Kobe’s new song Outer Space produced by Treacherous Records in house producer Komplex. The video shows highlights of Kobe Bryant who some people believe is in another planet when it comes to what he does and coincidentally the artist Kobe and the ball player both share the same first names. If your not familiar with Kobe’s work he recently was on Faboulous’s last album on a track called Imma Do It which they just shot a video for. Look out for Kobe to appear on Clipse’s new project and also Game’s new album plus almost all of the Treacherous Records artist project as well plus more.

Dunk of the Night: Dwyane Wade

Dunk of the Night: Will Bynum

Dunk of the Night: Andre Iguodala

Manu Ginobili Catches Bat Mid Flight

If you didn’t watch the Spurs game last night here is what you missed: A bat flew into the AT&T Center last night and started to wreak some havoc when Manu Ginobili snatched the lil guy out of the air in mid flight. I am not really a big fan of Manu but this is pretty crazy and he deserves his props,even though he ended the night with a mediocre 13 points.